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  • Uniper subsidiary Liqvis and Echo Tankstellen GmbH join forces to expand LNG filling station network for trucks
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Uniper subsidiary Liqvis and Echo Tankstellen GmbH join forces to expand LNG filling station network for trucks
Liqvis GmbH and Echo Tankstellen GmbH are joining forces to help expand the LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) filling station network in Germany. Selected sites operated by Echo ("Esso") are under initial consideration for this purpose. Subject to approval by the regulatory authorities, the first joint site set to be realized will be the Esso truck stop in Seligweiler near Ulm, which is operated by Hotel & Rasthaus Seligweiler GmbH & Co KG. A joint project group will then discuss where to build further LNG filling stations and assess the feasibility of these sites before applying to the authorities and implementing them. The companies aim to establish LNG on the market as an alternative fuel for heavy goods vehicles and to help develop the associated infrastructure into a closed network.

The Echo network currently comprises around 1000 filling stations operating under the brand name Esso. Liqvis is expected to have six sites where trucks can refuel with LNG by the end of 2020: Berlin Grünheide (already open), Kassel-Lohfelden, Rosengarten/Hamburg, Langenhagen/Hannover, Bönen, and Calais in northern France. The Ulm Seligweiler filling station that is currently being planned together with Echo will be added in 2021.

Silvano Calcagno, Managing Director of Liqvis GmbH, says: "We are delighted to have found a strong partner in Echo Tankstellen GmbH, with whom we can work together to further promote LNG fuel in Germany as a more environmentally friendly alternative to conventional diesel and gasoline engines. The Ulm Seligweiler service area is an ideal site because it's directly on the A9 transit route and is already used extensively by heavy goods vehicles."

LNG is refrigerated liquefied natural gas consisting mostly of methane (CH4). A key advantage of LNG is low emissions, primarily of particulates, nitrogen oxides, CO2 and even noise. The particulate and NOx values remain well below the Euro VI standard. Particulate emissions are virtually non-existent with an LNG drive. LNG-fueled engines are also extremely quiet, which is a real boon when making deliveries outside normal hours.

About LIQVIS and Uniper

As a subsidiary of the international energy company Uniper, LIQVIS is building a demand-driven infrastructure for LNG in commercial transport. Since 2017, the company has operated two LNG filling stations in Germany. Uniper is active worldwide with approximately 11,000 employees and operations in Europe, Russia and numerous other markets. The company operates power plants in Europe and Russia with an installed capacity of approximately 34 gigawatts and creates new relations between global energy markets through their commercial activities. Uniper is one of the leading companies in the LNG business and is represented at many stages of the LNG value chain.

About Liqvis

Liqvis is a wholly owned subsidiary of Uniper SE that is building and operating a needs-based LNG infrastructure for heavy goods vehicles. Founded in 2015, Liqvis has been operating LNG filling stations in Germany since 2017. Steady expansion of this filling station infrastructure is planned for the next few years.

About Echo Tankstellen GmbH

Echo Tankstellen GmbH, based in Hamburg, operates around 1000 Esso-branded filling stations in Germany on behalf of the EG Group. EG is collaborating with Liqvis to add LNG to the portfolio of its German network under the expert eye of an established player in the market.

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