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  • Symphony TM Reforming Catalysts Surpass 100 Awards
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Symphony TM Reforming Catalysts Surpass 100 Awards
Naphtha catalytic reforming is the technology of choice for producing high octane-gasoline for refiners or aromatics for petrochemical use. In addition, it is usually the main source of refinery hydrogen. Catalysts play a dominant role in this technology.

Symphony™ Axens’ latest suite of high performance reforming catalysts was generated through the harmonization of more than 100 years of combined experience in reforming catalyst technology and manufacturing excellence following Axens’ acquisition of Criterion’s reforming catalyst business in 2011.

Symphony™ continues to garner global respect at a brisk rate. Since its official launch three and a half years ago, more than 100 Symphony™ awards have been won.

These wins span the entire portfolio of Symphony™ catalysts, and several represent takeaways from the competition. In all cases, commercial yield improvement has met or exceeded projection across the full spectrum of applications.

Head-to head comparison in third-party pilot plant testing repeatedly demonstrates Symphony’s superior performance.

Contrasted with prior-generation best in class reforming catalysts, Symphony™ catalysts show step-out improvement with:

- Higher gasoline volume or aromatics production,
- Improved hydrogen production and purity,
- Higher stability owing to lower coke-make,
- Higher profitability owing to lower precious metal content.

These proven benefits have compelled a major US refiner to use Symphony™ CCR Reforming catalysts on their units enabling Axens to reach its 100th reference with Symphony™.

The unprecedented synergies between superior catalyst support technologies and superior multi-metal formulation technologies are reflected in compelling improvement in yields and hydrothermal stability for virtually all reforming services.

About Axens Group

Following the acquisition of a majority stake in Heurtey Petrochem’s capital and the integration of 50% of Eurecat, Axens Group ( is ideally positioned to cover the entire value chain, from feasibility study to unit start-up and follow-up throughout the entire unit cycle life. Axens Group provides a complete range of solutions including: technologies, equipment, furnaces, modular units, catalysts, adsorbents and services for the conversion of oil and biomass to cleaner fuels as well as production and purification of major petrochemical intermediates. The offer covers all of natural gas' treatment and conversion options. This unique range of solutions ensures the highest level of performance with a reduced environmental footprint. Axens Group’s global offer is based on: highly trained human resources, modern production facilities and an extended global network for industrial, technical supports & commercial services.

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