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  • Russian President supports Venezuela's actions to stabilize oil prices
    édité le 29/11/2008 - Plus de news de "PDVSA" - Voir la fiche entreprise de "PDVSA"

Russian President supports Venezuela's actions to stabilize oil prices
Dimitri Medvedev, President of the Russian Federation, said that he agrees on obtaining fair oil prices by coordinating actions with the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC), since this situation concerns both producer as well as consumer countries.

Medvedev stated that “Russia wants fair and stable prices for oil; these prices cannot be too low or too high, that is, they cannot be speculative. I believe prices must be rational”.

The Russian Head of State stressed his intention to support the proposal of Hugo Chávez, President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, to find a solution to the present scheme that is harming the world economy, by establishing a price band between 80 and 100 dollars per barrel, to reach a fair balance in the price of oil.

The Venezuelan Head of State thanked the actions of his Russian counterpart, stating that both nations are reaching agreements and taking firm steps to achieve stability in the oil market; “we at OPEC have defended a policy of fair prices, as the Russian President said, we have proposed formulas to achieve price stability, which we had achieved in previous years, since stability is fundamental for both producers as well as consumers. These ups and downs are terrible, and are not convenient to anyone”.

President Chávez stated that the price of oil will move, and “for this we must work, as we are already doing within OPEC, in coordination and cooperation with Russia, one of the largest oil producers of the world, and with other countries to reach a balance that will become a reality in the following months, for the security of all”.

Seven cooperation agreements are signed

Hugo Chávez, President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, and Dimitri Medvedev, his counterpart of the Russian Federation, signed seven cooperation agreements in energy, the military, economics, trade, technology, and finances.

Both Heads of State agreed on strengthening our nations, by establishing a strategic alliance between Russia and Venezuela, thus contributing to the union of the peoples.

Some of the agreements signed are: the use of nuclear energy for peaceful purposes; energy cooperation in oil, gas end electric power, to achieve economic and technologic efficiency; a joint study of the Ayacucho 3 Block of the Orinoco Oil Belt to be carried out between PDVSA and the Russian company Gazprom; and a memorandum of understanding between PDVSA Naval and the United Corporation of Naval Construction, of Russia.

For President Hugo Chávez, the purpose of this association is to improve the new relations between both nations, which have already been increasing for eight years. “We value your presence in Latin America; the time has come for the final approach between Russia and the Latin American fatherland”.

ALBA as a geopolitical concept strengthens with the cooperation of Russia

Dimitri Medvedev stated that his country is evaluating with interest and welcomes the advances made in the integration between ALBA member states: “we are willing to analyze and think about our participation, maybe as an associate member; if this is useful for the development of Latin America, and is in line with our idea of a multi-polar world, then why not do it?”.

President Chávez stated that the doors are open: “we have started conversations, the experience of ALBA is novel, and nations have been added that have strengthened the experience. I thank the intention of the Russian President to participate and I’m sure that in the future, both nations will be able to establish links in this geopolitical space that will continue to become stronger”.

President Chávez stressed that our governments foster international relations based on the principles of peace, cooperation and fraternity.

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