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  • Repsol Approves its 2015 Sustainability Plans
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Repsol Approves its 2015 Sustainability Plans
Repsol has approved its 2015 Sustainability Plans, reinforcing its commitment to sustainable development and transparency. These plans, which will be annual from this year on, are a formal and systematic response to the expectations of Repsol's stakeholders. They entail a new methodological approach and go beyond the requirements of current legislation.

Repsol has drafted a total of 15 new plans: one global corporate plan, five for its industrial complexes in Spain (in Cartagena, A Coruña, Tarragona, Puertollano, and Petronor), and nine that apply to ten countries (Spain, Portugal, Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, the US, Venezuela, Peru, and Trinidad and Tobago).

Repsol's Sustainability Plans are based on a series of studies to identify expectations. These studies are then analyzed to define specific short-term actions. The resulting actions have been grouped into ten programs that correspond to fundamental matters of corporate responsibility: governance, human rights, work practices, safety, environment, anti-corruption and ethics, the value chain, consumer affairs, and community participation and development.

In total, the plans include more than 700 specific actions, nearly 39% more than in previous plans. The majority of the actions are related to community development and participation and environmental matters. More than 500 people at Repsol were involved in preparing the 2015 sustainability plans, mainly including executives and managers.

These actions respond to the expectations of institutions, employees, unions, contractors, ecological and human rights organizations, as well as other groups. These expectations were drawn from 500 interviews and the recommendations of prestigious international organizations such as the UN, OECD, and the World Bank. The company will set new actions every twelve months after studying its stakeholders' concerns and expectations in relation to the previous year.

In the first quarter of 2016, Repsol will publicly announce the extent to which its proposed actions have been fulfilled. Given that this project relies on everyone participating, Repsol invites all interested citizens and institutions to make suggestions, ask questions, and share comments.

Involvement of the CEO

Repsol employees are an important part of the company's commitment to corporate responsibility; 73% of the approved actions have an influence on the variable compensation of the people responsible for implementing the plans. Repsol's senior management is supporting the project and is actively involved in it. The fulfillment of the corporate sustainability plan is one of the targets used to compute the variable compensation of Repsol's CEO, Josu Jon Imaz.

About Repsol

Repsol is an integrated global energy company with vast sector experience. It carries out Upstream and Downstream activities throughout the entire world.

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