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Tous les évènements et salons du secteur pétrolier.

  • North American Refining Technology Conference (NARTC)

Date : 06 - 07 février 2023

The North American Refining Technology Conference (NARTC) is the World Refining Association’s regional refining event with a core focus on connecting US refineries with the cutting-edge technologies that will determine the role of refining in the Energy Transition.

Localisation : Houston - Texas

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  • India Energy Week

Date : 06 - 08 février 2023

The inaugural India Energy Week comes at a critical time, with the challenges of energy security and environmental sustainability impacting long-term energy transition and paths towards decarbonisation. As a rapidly developing country, and soon to be the world’s most populous nation, India’s energy transition will play a pivotal role in global energy markets.

Localisation : Bengaluru - Inde

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  • EGYPS 2023

Date : 13 - 15 février 2023

EGYPS 2023 will take place in-person from 13 - 15 February 2023 in Cairo at the Egypt International Exhibition Center with an expanded exhibition space attracting 32,000+ attendees from local & international businesses to identify opportunities from Egypt, North Africa and the Mediterranean’s future project requirements, strategic priorities and gain insights into the wider oil and gas sector.

Localisation : Le Caire - Egypte

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  • LNGA 2023

Date : 14 - 15 février 2023

Following the success of LNGA 2005-2022 which attracted a total of over 3,000 participants from 60 countries worldwide. LNGA 2023 will provide a forum for buyers, sellers, traders, investors, shipowners and contractors to discuss the way forward and share insights on how the industry is working towards developing a carbon neutral LNG value chain.

Localisation : Singapour

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  • FPSO EMEA Congress 2023

Date : 15 - 16 février 2023

For the first time in 2023, we will bring the entire Floating Production industry together over 4-days of hard-hitting discussions on strengthening EMEA’s Energy Security through Floating Production projects. This includes dedicated sessions on FLNG and FSRU projects within EMEA to meet the heightened demand for energy supply.

Localisation : Londres - Royaume-Uni

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  • MEOS - GEO

Date : 19 - 21 février 2023

MEOS GEO is a merger of the Middle East Oil & Gas Show (MEOS) and the Middle East Geosciences Conference & Exhibition (GEO).

Localisation : Bahrain

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  • Libya Oil & Gas Fair

Date : 20 - 22 février 2023

Oil & Gas Fair in Libya

Localisation : Tripoli - Libye

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  • TOGC 2023

Date : 20 - 21 février 2023

The Congress brings together representatives from the whole pipeline chain and focuses on both strategic and technical issues of the oil and gas pipeline transportation. Among the participants are leading pipeline operators, national oil and gas companies, EPC contractors, solutions and service providers who come together to network and talk over present market solutions.

Localisation : Istanbul - Turquie

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  • Sustainable Aviation Futures

Date : 28 février 2023

The Sustainable Aviation Futures series travels to Dubai to analyse, debate and highlight opportunities in Sustainable Aviation Fuels, carbon emission reduction strategies for airlines, new green aerospace technologies and the latest policy developments driving aviation decarbonisation in the MENA region

Localisation : Dubai - UAE

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  • International Petroleum Technology Conference (IPTC)

Date : 01 - 03 mars 2023

The International Petroleum Technology Conference (IPTC) is the flagship multidisciplinary technical event in the Eastern Hemisphere

Localisation : Bangkok - Thaïlande

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  • International LNG Congress

Date : 06 - 07 mars 2023

The International LNG Congress is the annual closed-door event which creates a special networking and accumulating industry knowledge platform for its participants.

Localisation : Düsseldorf - Allemagne

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  • MEOS

Date : 07 - 09 mars 2023

MEOS is the premier upstream oil and gas event in the Middle East for over 40 years. The region’s leading IOCs, NOCs and oilfield service providers participate as the event is essential to the economic expansion of the sector.

Localisation : Bahrain

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  • NAEPEC 2023

Date : 13 - 16 mars 2023

North Africa & Europe Energy & Hydrogen Exhibition and conference NAEPEC 2023 provides a world-class platform for energy professionals to meet, network, do business and share the ideas on the future development and cooperation between Europe and North Africa.

Localisation : Barcelone - Espagne

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  • StocExpo

Date : 14 - 16 mars 2023

The largest and longest running international bulk liquid storage event will be taking place in Rotterdam in 2023 to inspire, connect and share knowledge within the tank storage community.

Localisation : Rotterdam - Pays-Bas

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  • World Electrolysis Congress

Date : 14 - 16 mars 2023

World Electrolysis Congress est l'événement axé uniquement sur les opportunités et les défis de la technologie de l'électrolyseur.

Localisation : Dusseldorf - Allemagne

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  • AOG Energy

Date : 15 - 17 mars 2023

AOG Energy is held annually in the energy hub of Australia, Perth. For over 40 years it has bought the entire oil, gas and energy supply chain together as a platform for discovering innovation, capabilities and opportunities, supported by major operators, government and industry.

Localisation : Perth - Australia

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  • East Africa Energy, Oil & Gas Summit & Exhibition

Date : 15 - 16 mars 2023

The East Africa Energy, Oil & Gas Summit & Exhibition is firmly established as the most prestigious energy summit in the region

Localisation : Nairobi - Kenya

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  • Petroleum Istanbul

Date : 16 - 18 mars 2023

Petroleum Istanbul is one of the world’s biggest and most visited fair in its field which first one was held in 1997. Petroleum Istanbul will take place at TUYAP Fair and Congress Center.

Localisation : Istanbul - Turquie

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  • 10th Annual Gasification Summit

Date : 22 - 23 mars 2023

10th Annual Gasification Summit, taking place in Munich, Germany on Wednesday the 22nd & Thursday the 23rd March 2023, will comprise two days of formal presentations, interactive roundtable discussions and excellent networking opportunities, providing an ideal setting to convene with your peers to discuss both current operational & future planned gasification plants, end product markets, potential barriers & support policies as well as project economics & finance.

Localisation : Munich - Allemagne

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Date : 27 - 29 mars 2023

In 2023, Energy Concil is celebrating the 16th anniversary of the European Gas Conference (EGC) alongside Europe’s main suppliers. We will assess the impact of the 2022/23 winter for Eastern and Western European gas markets and promote gas’ role on the journey to net-zero.

Localisation : Vienne - Autriche

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Date : 05 - 07 avril 2023

Atyrau Oil&Gas is a regional event of the global industry! This event is unique and has no analogues in Atyrau region, in the region which is key and strategically important in the scale of oil and gas industry and national economy in general.

Localisation : Atyrau - Kazakhstan

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  • Asia Pacific LNG & Gas Summit

Date : 18 - 20 avril 2023 2023

Asia Pacific LNG & Gas Summit plays an integral role in connecting industry-leading LNG and gas buyers and sellers from around the world, whilst facilitating thought-provoking conversations that drive the energy industry forward.

Localisation : Singapour

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  • 9th edition of MMEC 2023

Date : 26 - 27 avril 2023

The 9th edition of MMEC 2023 will take place at the reputable Chissano Joachim Conference Centre Maputo, Mozambique from 26-27 April 2023. MMEC is reputed as a must-attend event for all stakeholders in the energy, mining, oil and gas industry in Mozambique and the entire southern African sub-region.

Localisation : Maputo - Mozambique

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  • Offshore Technology Conference (OTC)

Date : 01 - 04 mai 2023

The Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) is where energy professionals meet to exchange ideas and opinions to advance scientific and technical knowledge for offshore resources and environmental matters.

Localisation : Houston - Texas

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  • Canada Gas & LNG Exhibition and Conference (CGLNG)

Date : 09 - 11 mai 2023

Canada Gas & LNG Exhibition and Conference (CGLNG) is able to adapt and reflect the expansions taking place within the market such as the recent FID on LNG Canada and bring the full value chain together: from producers, pipeline players and LNG projects, through to transportation companies, petrochemical players and power producers from the length of Canada and the rest of the world.

Localisation : Vancouver - Canada

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  • MIX.E

Date : 10 - 11 mai 2023

MIX.E, événement Tech & Solutions pour un mix énergétique neutre en carbone, propose aux entreprises et collectivités, des solutions opérationnelles pour repenser leurs usages & stratégies énergétiques. Energéticiens, gaziers, industriels mais aussi tech providers, courtiers, cabinet de conseil et sociétés de services …MIX.E est Multi énergies & multi-solutions, à la croisée entre un congrès et une exposition showroom. Il est LE rendez-vous européen où les projets énergétiques se concrétisent.

Localisation : Lyon - France

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  • Future Energy Asia

Date : 17 - 19 mai 2023

Future Energy Asia is the region's leading energy transition event, providing a business platform that brings together Asia's natural gas, LNG, renewable and power generation industries to identify solutions and strategies to foster a secure, affordable and low-carbon energy mix for the continent.

Localisation : Bangkok- Thaïlande

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  • OGU 2023

Date : 17 - 19 mai 2023

The oil and gas industry of the Republic of Uzbekistan is one of the main sources of GDP, budget revenues and foreign exchange earnings, and also plays a significant role in the structure of industrial production and investment attraction.

Localisation : Tashkent - Uzbekistan

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Date : 17 - 19 mai 2023

International Fair PETROL STATION presents the current global trends in the field of technology, products and services as well as business solutions for the fuel sector and related industries.

Localisation : Varsovie - Polgne

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  • 9th Mexico Gas Summit

Date : 17 - 18 mai 2023

9th Mexico Gas Summit - The leading oil and gas event for Mexico's onshore, midstream infrastructure, transportation and storage industries on May 17-18, 2023

Localisation : San Antonio - Texas

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  • 10th Oil & Gas Africa

Date : 18 - 20 mai 2023

The 10th Oil & Gas Africa - Int'l Trade Exhibition, 18 - 20 May, 2023, is a hub for key players in the oil and gas community, attracting leading oil, gas and petroleum companies from around the world.

Localisation : Nairobi - Kenya

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  • Petrochemical and Refining Congress

Date : 22 - 24 mai 2023

Petrochemical and Refining Congress is an annual downstream oil and gas B2B networking platform which is gathering more than 350 industry leaders from major companies including BP, Shell, Eni, McDermott, Fluor, Wood, BASF, Borealis, SABIC, and many others. The PRC Europe 2023 edition raises such hot questions as industry decarbonization, petrochemicals and alternative fuels production, recycling technologies and plant improvements

Localisation : Vösendorf - Austria

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Date : 23 - 25 mai 2023

Organisé conjointement par Bordeaux Métropole, la Communauté Urbaine de Dunkerque, le Grand Genève et l’ADEME, ce rendez-vous incontournable des acteurs européens rassemble chaque année près de 3500 congressistes pendant 3 jours pour réussir la transition énergétique des territoires à travers une centaine de rendez-vous : plénières, ateliers d’échange et de co-création.

Localisation : Bordeaux - Palais des Congrès

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  • Digital Oil & Gas Summit

Date : 24 - 25 mai 2023

The Summit brings together an exclusive community of around 120 major stakeholders from worldwide operators, EPCs, regulators and, technology providers to debate and discusses the key issues and trends shaping the digital transformation of the industry.

Localisation : Lisbonne - Portugal

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  • Global Energy Show

Date : 13 - 15 juin 2023

The Global Energy Show will be inclusive to all energy systems, including features on the exhibition floor and conference in oil sands, hydrogen, wind, solar, petrochemicals, gas and LNG, electrification and nuclear.

Localisation : Calgary - Canada

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  • NOG Energy Week Conference & Exhibition.

Date : 02 - 06 juillet 2022

NOG Energy Week 2023 will focus on the strategies that will be employed by the Nigerian government and private sector leaders to navigate the emerging business environment – helping to set the nation’s energy agenda for the next 12 months and beyond.

Localisation : Abuja - Nigéria

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  • 20th International Conference & Exhibition on Liquefied Natural Gas

Date : 03 - 07 juilet 2023

The International Conference & Exhibition on Liquefied Natural Gas is presented by the International Gas Union (IGU), Gas Technology Institute (GTI) and the International Institute of Refrigeration (IIR) – the only global LNG event conducted by the industry, for the industry.

Localisation : Saint Petersbourg - Russie

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  • 8th OPEC International Seminar

Date : 05 - 06 juillet 2023

The OPEC International Seminar is one of the premier events in the energy industry calendar. It strengthens cooperation and dialogue among energy stakeholders, by facilitating discussions on the critical issues affecting the petroleum industry.

Localisation : Vienne - Autriche

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  • LNG2023

Date : 10 - 13 juillet 2023

LNG2023 is the latest edition of the largest and most significant global LNG industry conference and exhibition, occurring once every three years, hosted this time by the Canadian Gas Association (CGA) under the theme Fuelling a Secure Energy Future.

Localisation : Vancouver - Canada

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  • Gastech 2023

Date : 05 - 08 septembre 2023

A landmark event in the energy industry’s calendar, and the world’s largest meeting place for the global natural gas, LNG, hydrogen, low-carbon solutions, and climate technologies industries, Gastech 2023 will take place at Singapore EXPO from 5 - 8 September.

Localisation : Singapour

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  • SPE Offshore Europe

Date : 05-08 septembre 2023

SPE Offshore Europe is our industry’s prime platform for better energy futures. Our mission is to create a space for collaboration and learning in order to drive the sector forward, bringing together the entire energy value chain back to business, face to face.

Localisation : Aberdeen - Royaume-Uni

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  • World Petroleum Congress

Date : 17 - 21 septembre 2023

The triennial World Petroleum Congress is widely known as the "Olympics" of the petroleum industry and covers all aspects of the industry from technological advances in upstream and downstream operations to the role of natural gas and renewables, management of the industry and its social, economic and environmental impact. In addition, outside stakeholders such as governments, other industry sectors, NGOs and international institutions have also joined in the dialogue.

Localisation : Calgary - Canada

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  • FPSO World Congress

Date : 19 - 22 septembre 2023

At the FPSO World Congress, our main audience consists of C-level executives, SVPs, VPs and Directors who want to hear about the latest industry updates and also share their companies' best practices for managing floating production operations.

Localisation : Singapour

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  • Papua New Guinea Energy Summit & Exhibition

Date : 26 - 28 septembre 2023

The 5th Papua New Guinea Energy Summit & Exhibition will take place in person on 26-28 September 2023 in Port Moresby, providing a meeting place for the domestic and international energy industry to discuss the optimisation of Papua New Guinea’s next phase of energy sector development.

Localisation : Poer Moresby - Papua New Guinea

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  • Tanzania Energy Congress

Date : 27 - 28 septembre 2023

Following the success of the previous edition of the Tanzania Energy Congress, the organisers dmg events along with their strategic partners Ocean Business Partners Tanzania, have confirmed that the 5th edition will be returning to Dar Es Salaam from 27 – 28 September 2023.

Localisation : Dar Es Salaam - Tanzania

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Date : 02 - 05 octobre 2023

ADIPEC brings together over 1,500 global policymakers, CEOs, innovators, and industry experts to develop the ideas and solutions shaping the industry’s response to the realities of the energy transition.

Localisation : Abu-Dhabi - Emirats arabes unis

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  • Pollutec

Date : 10 - 13 octobre 2023

Pollutec se positionne comme l'événement de référence pour les professionnels de l'environnement. C'est aussi une vitrine des solutions environnementales pour l'industrie, la ville et les territoires, et un tremplin pour les innovations du marché et le développement à l'international.

Localisation : Lyon - France

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  • MSGBC Conference and Exhibition

Date : 21 - 22 novembre 2023

Returning for its third edition under the theme, ‘Scaling Energy Opportunities in Africa’s New Frontiers’, this year’s edition of the MSGBC Conference and Exhibition will take place in Nouakchott capital city of Mauritania from November 21-22, reaffirming the West African country’s position as a regional hub for oil, gas, renewables and green hydrogen.

Localisation : Nouakchott - Mauritanie

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