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  • Puma Energy launches in Ghana
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Puma Energy launches in Ghana
Puma Energy, the global mid and downstream energy company operating in 47 countries across five continents, is officially operating in Ghana. In partnership with Blue Ocean Investments for the storage business and UBI Petroleum, now Puma Energy Distribution Ghana, on the retail side, the company aims to deliver quality and affordable fuel to Ghana.

"Puma Energy links local demand with international supply, through investment in infrastructure," explains Christophe Zyde, Chief Operating Officer for Puma Energy Africa. "In Ghana we have built partnerships with local players – Blue Ocean Investments and UBI Petroleum – in order to increase the fuel storage capacity of Ghana and to bring efficiencies and enhance economic growth."

Puma Energy has been supporting Ghana’s fuel industry for close to 10 years through the construction and operation of the CBM import system. This system has been consistently available and is used to import all crude and most fuel products into Ghana. More recently, Puma Energy, through Blue Ocean Investments, has built three new storage terminals at Kotoka International Airport (KIA), Tema Ridge and Takoradi.

"The increased capacity and security of supply provided by our investments into aviation storage at KIA and Tema Ridge means that Ghana can optimise its positioning as a hub for aviation in West Africa," explains Myles Bouvier-Baird, General Manager for Puma Energy in Ghana. "The same goes for our investments into clean fuel storage at our Takoradi Terminal, which will be the first depot to store gasoline in Ghana’s Western Region."

With a focus on integrated midstream and downstream activities, Puma Energy has a reputation for achieving significant economies of scale and operating efficiencies, which translates into competitive costing, managed risk, secured supply and seamless delivery.

At the KIA aviation fuel depot, Puma Energy, through Blue Ocean Investments, has added storage capacity of 10,000m³ to the existing 750m³ depot. This increased security of supply at the airport has positioned Accra’s KIA as a contender for major airlines using it as a hub for the West Africa sub-region. The increased air traffic adds a significant boost to the country’s potential for trade and economic growth. And with the Tema Ridge depot, the further 15,000m³ of storage of aviation fuel improves efficiency, reinforces security of supply and aids improved planning for the entire market.

The new Takoradi Terminal supports the Ghanaian government’s policy to improve regional fuel supply with the new gasoline / gas oil terminal’s added 32,000m³ capacity servicing the west of the country. This reduces the need for thousands of trucks to deliver to the region from Tema.

"Puma Energy seeks to build infrastructure and make affordable fuel available to consumers through its growing retail network of over 40 stations. Not only does this stimulate economic growth by connecting urban and rural areas, it gets people, goods, trade and industry moving," Zyde concludes.

Local talent is fundamental to Puma Energy’s strategy, as the combination of knowledge and Puma Energy’s entrepreneurial business model will grow into dynamic, accountable businesses with broad benefits. To date, Puma Energy directly employs 162 people in Ghana with 94% of these employees being local.

About Puma Energy

Puma Energy is a global integrated midstream and downstream oil company active in over 45 countries. Formed in 1997 in Central America, Puma Energy has since expanded its activities worldwide, achieving rapid growth, diversification and product line development. The company directly manages over 7,650 employees. Headquartered in Singapore, it has regional hubs in Johannesburg (South Africa), San Juan (Puerto Rico), Brisbane (Australia) and Tallinn (Estonia).

Puma Energy entered the African market in 2002, and is today recognised as the fastest growing, independent mid- and downstream oil provider on the continent, present in 19 markets. Since 2002, Puma Energy has invested over US$2 billion in Africa and last year alone added 350 million litres of storage capacity to the 900 million litres it already had in the region.

Puma Energy’s core activities in the midstream sector include the supply, storage and transportation of petroleum products. Puma Energy’s activities are underpinned by investment in infrastructure which optimises supply chain systems, capturing value as both asset owner and marketer of product. Puma Energy’s downstream activities include the distribution, retail sales and wholesale of the full range of refined products, with additional product offerings in the lubricants, bitumen, LPG and marine bunkering sectors. Puma Energy currently has a global network of over 2,300 retail service stations. Puma Energy also provides a robust platform for independent entrepreneurs to develop their businesses, by providing a viable alternative to traditional market supply sources.

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