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  • Petrobras signs contract for sale of the Potiguar Cluster
    édité le 02/02/2022 - Plus de news de "PETROBRAS" - Voir la fiche entreprise de "PETROBRAS"

Petrobras signs contract for sale of the Potiguar Cluster
Petrobras, following up on the release disclosed on 01/28/2022, informs that it signed today with the company 3R Potiguar S.A., a wholly owned subsidiary of 3R Petroleum Óleo e Gás S.A., a contract for the sale of the totality of its stake (100%) in a set of 22 concessions of onshore and shallow water production fields, together with its infrastructure for processing, refining, logistics, storage, transport and outflow of oil and natural gas, located in the Potiguar Basin, in the state of Rio Grande do Norte - RN, jointly called Potiguar Cluster.

The total amount of the sale is US$ 1.38 billion, being (a) US$ 110 million paid on this date; (b) US$ 1.04 billion at the closing of the transaction and (c) US$ 235 million that will be paid in 4 annual installments of US$ 58.75 million, as of March/24. The amounts do not consider adjustments due until the closing of the transaction, which is subject to compliance with precedent conditions, such as approval by the National Agency of Petroleum, Natural Gas and Biofuels (ANP).

This disclosure is in accordance with Petrobras' internal rules and with the provisions of the special procedure for the assignment of rights of exploration, development and production of oil, natural gas and other fluid hydrocarbons, provided for in Decree 9,355/2018.

This operation is in line with the company's portfolio management strategy and the improved allocation of its capital, aiming to maximize value and provide greater return to society. Petrobras is increasingly concentrating its resources on assets in deep and ultradeep waters, where it has shown a great competitive edge over the years, producing better quality oil and with lower greenhouse gas emissions.

About Potiguar Cluster

The Potiguar Cluster comprises three subclusters (Canto do Amaro, Alto do Rodrigues and Ubarana), totaling 22 Fields, with 3 offshore concessions and 19 onshore concessions located in Rio Grande do Norte, and includes access to infrastructure for processing, refining, logistics, storage, transportation and outflow of oil and natural gas. The Ubarana subcluster concessions are located in shallow waters, between 10 and 22 km off the coast of the municipality of Guamaré-RN. The concessions of the Canto do Amaro and Alto do Rodrigues subclusters are onshore.

The average production of the Potiguar Cluster for 2021 was 20.6 thousand barrels of oil per day (bpd) and 58.1 thousand m³/day of natural gas. In addition to the concessions and their production facilities, the transaction also includes the refining structure integrated to the oil and gas production process, composed by the Clara Camarão Refinery, located in Guamaré/RN, with an installed refining capacity of 39,600 bpd.

About Petrobras

Petrobras has upwards of 100 production platforms, 16 refineries, 30,000 kilometers of pipelines and more than 6,000 service stations. Our proved reserves are around 14 billion barrels of oil, a figure expected to double in the next few years. With the discovery of oil and gas in the pre-salt region, Brazil may become the world's fourth biggest oil producer in 2030.

We have built a track record of overcoming challenges since 1953, when the company was created. The main one was developing technology to explore and produce oil in deep and ultra-deep waters, where upwards of 90% of our reserves are nestled. With innovation and daringness, we are now the Brazilian company that makes the applies for the most patents in Brazil and abroad.

About 3R Potiguar S.A.

3R Potiguar S.A. is a company focused on the redevelopment of mature and producing fields, controlled by 3R Petroleum Óleo e Gás S.A. (3R Petroleum), a company listed on the Novo Mercado of the Brazilian stock exchange.

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