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  • ORLEN becomes No. 1 fuel brand in the Czech Republic
    édité le 11/08/2023 - Plus de news de "Orlen" - Voir la fiche entreprise de "Orlen"

ORLEN becomes No. 1 fuel brand in the Czech Republic
By the end of this year, nearly 90% of the service stations operating under the name Benzina in the Czech Republic will be rebranded as ORLEN, in a step marking the final stage of a process initiated a few years ago to introduce the ORLEN brand in this market. The ORLEN Group has the largest network of 436 service stations on the Czech market and enjoys a leading position in alternative fuels.

‘Building a multi-utility conglomerate we are building the strength energy concern allows us to expand dynamically grow our international presenceinternationally and lead the energy transition acrossthroughout the region. We can make further investments thanks to the effective use of synergies within a single company, which was created after the merger with LOTOS Group and PGNiG. We already operatehave the largest chainnetwork of servicefuel stations in Central Europe, which is becoming a showcase of the ORLEN Group. We are making consistent efforts to use a uniform - after finalizing the purchase of a station in Austria, as much as 44% of retail will be foreign facilities. We are consistently unifying the brand in international markets to ensureso that ORLEN is associated with a wide range of top- quality energy services. This alignmentis not only unlocksunlocking marketing and operational synergies, but also primes uspreparing for potential expansion into new areas. The Czech Republic, where we are also a leader in the development of alternative fuels, is a perfect example of how we want to position the ORLEN brand,’ says Daniel Obajtek, ORLEN’s CEO and President of the Management Board.

The process of rebranding ORLEN’s service stations in the Czech Republic, which was started in 2019, is going to enter its final phase in the upcoming months. ORLEN plans logo changes at some 300 sites in the second half of 2023, which means that by the end of the year, 370 out of its 436 Czech service stations will operate under the common ORLEN brand. The Czech stations offer not only traditional fuels but also a wide array of alternative options, including electric charging points and hydrogen refuelling facilities. The first two hydrogen stations are already operational in the Barrandov district of Prague and in Litvínov, while electric chargers are available at 61 service stations. Furthermore, this year is set to witness the beginning of a process to deploy 150 kW fast chargers along key transit routes within the Czech Republic.

The efforts to establish a consistent brand presence in foreign markets also extend to sales of non-fuel products. With nearly 100 new ORLEN Stop. Cafe outlets added since 2019, this food service format is now available in more than 80% of the ORLEN’s retail chain in the Czech Republic. It is an important addition to the non-fuel portfolio, also operating in Poland, Lithuania and Slovakia. The format is planned to be developed in line with the growth of the ORLEN’s chain in the Czech Republic.

The rebranding process is conducted in accordance with the market conditions in the countries where the stations are located. All stations in Lithuania and Hungary and almost all in Slovakia already operate under the ORLEN brand. The brand is introduced whenever any upgrade projects are carried out and new stations are built, as is the case in Germany. It is assumed that by 2030 all ORLEN’s service stations will already operate under the common logo.

Currently, the ORLEN Group has service station chains in Poland, the Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Lithuania and Slovakia. An imminent expansion into a seventh market is on the horizon, with the purchase of 266 stations in Austria expected to be finalised by the end of this year.

About Orlen S.A.

Orlen S.A. is an integrated, multi-utility company, operating in Central Europe and Canada. We provide energy and fuel to over 100 million of Europeans, while our advanced products are marketed to over 100 countries across 6 continents.
We pursue strengthening our position of a regional leader in energy transition by implementing clean and sustainable technologies, as well as power generation based on low- and zero-emission sources. Our actions are driven by a strategic goal of reaching emission neutrality by 2050.

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