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  • Nord Stream 2 Receives Full Set of Permits in Germany
    édité le 27/03/2018 - Plus de news de "Nord Stream 2" - Voir la fiche entreprise de "Nord Stream 2"

Nord Stream 2 Receives Full Set of Permits in Germany
Nord Stream 2 AG received the permit for the construction and operation of the pipeline system in the German EEZ. The BSH issued the permit for this approximately 30-kilometres-long route section in accordance with the Federal Mining Act (BBergG).

The Stralsund Mining Authority had previously approved the construction and operation in German territorial waters (within 12 nautical miles) and the landfall area on 31 January 2018.

“We are pleased that all necessary permits are now in place for the German route section, which has an overall length of 85 kilometres,” said Jens Lange, Permitting Manager Germany at Nord Stream 2 AG.

These permits are the result of the extensive process carried out in accordance with national law since April 2017. The permitting process has shown that the Nord Stream 2 Pipeline:

- is needed in order to cover part of Europe’s future supply gap;
- will contribute to increasing security of supply and competition in the EU gas market;
- is the most efficient way, both economically and ecologically, to transport gas from the world’s largest reserves to European consumers;
- can be built in an environmentally friendly way, with impacts being only local and temporary;
- can help achieve climate goals, as gas-fired power generation only emits half as much CO2 as coal-fired power generation.

The national permitting procedures in the other four countries along the route – Russia, Finland, Sweden and Denmark – are proceeding as planned. Further permits are expected to be issued in the coming months. Accordingly, scheduled construction works are to be implemented in 2018 as planned.

About Nord Stream 2

Nord Stream 2 is a planned pipeline through the Baltic Sea, which will transport natural gas over 1,200 km from the world’s largest gas reserves in Russia via the most efficient route to consumers in Europe.
Nord Stream 2 will largely follow the route and design of the successful Nord Stream Pipeline. With Europe’s domestic gas production projected to halve in the next 20 years, Nord Stream 2’s twin pipeline system will help Europe to meet its future gas import needs, with the capacity to transport 55 billion cubic metres of gas per year, enough to supply 26 million European households.
This secure supply of natural gas with its low CO2 emissions will also contribute to Europe’s objective to have a more climate-friendly energy mix with gas substituting for coal in power generation and providing back-up for intermittent renewable sources of energy such as wind and solar power.

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