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  • New Success for Axens Vegan® Technology for Repsol first Advanced Biofuels Plant
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New Success for Axens Vegan® Technology for Repsol first Advanced Biofuels Plant
Repsol has selected Axens Vegan® technology for its first production plant for advanced biofuels in Spain at its Cartagena refinery. This new plant will be capable of producing 250,000 TPA of biodiesel, biojet, bionaphtha, and biopropane. Repsol’s project outlines Axens’ expertise in Hydrotreated Vegetable Oils (HVO) and its commitment to power sustainability in transport.

Vegan® technology is able to hydrotreat a wide range of lipids and to produce low-density and high cetane renewable diesel as well as renewable sulfur-free jet fuel. This renewable fuels technology allows producers to effectively address today’s environmental regulations and secure energy diversification with drop-in premium quality products.

The scope of Axens’ work includes the supply of process books, catalysts & adsorbents, proprietary equipment, trainings and technical services.

“This advanced biofuels plant is a step forward in Repsol’s commitment to become a net zero carbon company in 2050. Repsol is promoting different technological options for sectors of transport where electrification is not a technically viable option. This adds to renewable hydrogen and synthetic fuels projects that provide new routes towards carbon neutrality in transport”, stated Repsol.

“Axens is excited to work with Repsol, providing Vegan® technology for this advanced biofuels plant in Cartagena. This award further strenghtens Axens’ technology position for sustainable and renewable biofuels. Repsol will benefit from a notable know-how backed by 50 years of experience in middle distillates hydro-treatment and hydrocracking/hydro- isomerization along with support in technology, services and state-of-the-art catalysts developed, manufactured and provided by Axens”, said Patrick Sarrazin, Axens’ Executive Vice-President, Process Licensing Global Business Unit.

About Axens

Axens is a group providing a complete range of solutions for the conversion of oil and biomass to cleaner fuels, the production and purification of major petrochemical intermediates as well as all of natural gas' treatment and conversion options. The offer includes technologies, equipment, furnaces, modular units, catalysts, adsorbents and related services. Axens is ideally positioned to cover the entire value chain, from feasibility study to unit start-up and follow-up throughout the entire unit cycle life. This unique position ensures the highest level of performance with a reduced environmental footprint. Axens global offer is based on highly trained human resources, modern production facilities and an extended global network for industrial, technical supports & commercial services.

About Repsol

Repsol is a global multi-energy supplier that is working to facilitate the transition to an energy model with lower emissions. It employs more than 24,000 persons, has assets in 35 countries, and sells its products to 10 million customers in over 90 countries. It produces over 700,000 barrels of oil equivalent per day and has one of Europe’s most efficient refining systems with a capacity of one million barrels per day. Technology and digitization are mainstays of the company, which has set a goal of achieving net zero emissions by 2050, being the first company in the sector to adopt this ambitious target. Repsol has committed itself to an additional direct emissions reduction of 25% in its industrial complexes by 2025, on top of the 23% cut in CO2 emissions achieved between 2010 and 2017.The company emphasizes the circular economy as a tool for the efficient use of resources and has committed to double production of high quality biofuels by 2025. The integration of renewable energy into refining operations, producing renewable hydrogen, synthetic fuels and the operation of low-emissions electricity assets provide new routes to reach the net zero emissions objective.

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