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  • HH2E and Gascade announce pipeline grid connection agreement for hydrogen
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HH2E and Gascade announce pipeline grid connection agreement for hydrogen
   - Production of hydrogen in Lubmin in north-east of Germany. Transport by Flow – making hydrogen happen to the consumption regions in the future.

Today marks a significant milestone for Germany's green hydrogen economy as GASCADE Gastransport GmbH (GASCADE) confirms the grid connection of HH2E's green hydrogen production site in Lubmin on the German Baltic coast to the European Gas Pipeline Link (EUGAL Lines 1 and 2).

HH2E plans to commence production of green hydrogen in Lubmin by the end of 2025, with the capability of blending green hydrogen set to significantly contribute to replacing natural gas and promoting a more sustainable energy future. Initially, the pipelines will transport a mix of hydrogen and natural gas.

When the capacities of the Flow - making hydrogen happen pipeline can be booked, HH2E will start using it. This large-volume onshore pipeline system from the Baltic Sea coast to southern Germany is part of the draft of the German hydrogen core network and has been confirmed by the European Commission as a "Project of Common Interest".

"The blending of hydrogen is an important intermediate step for us on the way to transporting pure hydrogen," says GASCADE Managing Director, Ulrich Benterbusch. "By converting existing pipelines from natural gas to the transportation of hydrogen, we are actively driving forward the transformation process in the energy sector. With the Flow - making hydrogen happen project, we will create substantial transport capacities and a central axis in German hydrogen transport by 2025."

The agreement between the two companies marks a significant advancement and is HH2E's as well as GASCADE’s first contract for hydrogen blending. After a year of joint technical planning, this move facilitates a seamless flow of green hydrogen from Lubmin through GASCADE's pipelines, demonstrating a commitment to innovative and sustainable energy solutions.

Blending green hydrogen into natural gas offers several advantages. First, it reduces carbon emissions since green hydrogen is produced from renewable sources, leading to a cleaner fuel mix. This blending can be done using existing natural gas infrastructure, making it a cost-effective transition strategy towards greener energy. It also increases energy security by diversifying the fuel supply and reducing dependence on fossil fuels. Moreover, it encourages the development and scaling of green hydrogen production technologies, which can have broader applications in various sectors. Overall, blending green hydrogen in natural gas is a practical step towards reducing environmental impact while leveraging existing energy systems.

About HH2E

Emerging as a leader in Germany's green energy sector, HH2E utilises advanced technologies to convert intermittent inputs from renewable energies, particularly excess energy from solar and wind sources, into a consistent flow of green hydrogen.

By 2030, HH2E aims to establish a green hydrogen production capacity of 4 GW in Germany, representing a significant investment. The company has already announced plans for two major facilities: one in Lubmin, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, and another in Thierbach, in the south of Leipzig, Saxony. Additionally, 10 main sites across Germany have been identified for green hydrogen production, with a focus on the eastern region.

Looking ahead, HH2E intends to also transport hydrogen via dedicated pipelines, aligning with Germany's climate goals and the increasing industrial demand for hydrogen. Lubmin is poised to become a key hub for this development, with plans for the Flow – making hydrogen happen H2 pipeline and ongoing technical grid connection discussions with GASCADE.


GASCADE Gastransport GmbH operates a gas pipeline network throughout Germany. The Kassel-based transmission system operator offers its customers modern and competitive transport services for natural gas and, in future, other gases in the heart of Europe via its own high-pressure pipeline network, which is around 3,700 kilometres long. GASCADE is pursuing the goal of successively converting its pipeline network to the transport of hydrogen and is therefore active in several onshore and offshore hydrogen projects.e in several onshore and offshore hydrogen projects.

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