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  • Gas Natural starts work on construction of combined cycle power plants in the Port of Barcelona
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Gas Natural starts work on construction of combined cycle power plants in the Port of Barcelona
The company will invest more than 500 million euros to build a facility with two power plants of 425 MW each in the Catalan capital, helping to make the electricity system more efficient by bringing generation closer to the point of consumption.

The project is part of environmental improvements being implemented in the Barcelona metropolitan area, which will prevent more NOx emissions than those generated by the plant itself.

GAS NATURAL has recently started work on the construction of two combined cycle power plants in the Port of Barcelona, starting with works to prepare the site in the Port Extension area. Works will then continue on the construction of the two generating plants of 425 MW each.

The Spanish energy multinational, which is currently one of the world's biggest operators of combined cycle plants, will invest 500 million euros in the construction of this plant, which is expected to begin operating commercially in the first half of 2010.

The project has the full planning permission required for facilities of this type, including administrative authorisation from the Department of Industry, an integrated environmental permit from the Generalitat (Regional Government) of Catalonia, and a positive Environmental Impact Statement from the Ministry of the Environment, awarded last July.

Cleaner and more efficient generation close to centres of consumption

The location of the plant in the Port of Barcelona will allow demand to be met without using the transport network, improving the reliability of the supply and reducing losses from the network.

The power generated will have direct access to distribution networks, guaranteeing stable supplies in an area of high consumption. The plant will incorporate a combustion system which will minimise emissions of nitrogen oxides (NOx). GAS NATURAL will also carry out periodic reviews to ensure emissions are maintained at minimum levels.

The installation project includes plans to build a closed circuit refrigeration system which will reduce to a minimum the volume of water needed. Furthermore, water will be taken in directly from the Enagás regasification plant, avoiding the need to build intake and outflow installations and reducing the thermal impact on the sea.

Plan for environmental improvements to offset emissions

GAS NATURAL will carry out environmental improvements to reduce pollution in the Barcelona metropolitan area, as set out in the Action Plan to Improve Air Quality approved last year by the Generalitat of Catalonia.

The company will construct the infrastructure needed to supply electrical power from onshore to ships docked in the port, to help prevent emissions from auxiliary generator motors which work using polluting fuels.

Furthermore, GAS NATURAL will replace a total of 570 diesel buses with buses which are fuelled by natural gas (VNG).

Together, these measures will avoid the emission of 655 tonnes of nitrogen oxides a year into the atmosphere, thereby more than offsetting the emissions of NOx generated by the combined cycle power station.

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