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  • Gas Natural Fenosa grows in France, selling liquefied natural gas to industrial installations
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Gas Natural Fenosa grows in France, selling liquefied natural gas to industrial installations
The Spanish multinational energy firm is a pioneer in France in supplying LNG to large clients, a segment in which it now has 10 contracts.

Gas Natural Fenosa, through its French subsidiary Gas Natural Europe, now has 10 contracts to supply liquefied natural gas (LNG) to industrial installations in France. The Spanish multinational is a pioneer in this business segment in the French market and is at the forefront of its development, with a contracted gas volume of 193 GWh over the next five years.
Gas Natural Europe began activities in this area at the end of 2012 signing a contract with the factory of Europe's leading tile and brick manufacturer, Imerys Terre Cuite, in Toulouse. In addition to this, it now has a further nine supply contracts, including one recently signed with the Knauf Group for its factory in Guémené-sur-Scorff (Britanny, France).

LNG is highly competitive from an economic viewpoint, bringing fuel bills down by up to 30% compared to other fossil fuels. What's more, natural gas minimises the environmental impact of industry: it does not emit particles and cuts CO2 emissions by around 25%.

GAS NATURAL FENOSA already has extensive experience in supplying LNG to industrial consumers in Spain, where it has a portfolio of more than 200 clients, with total supply volume of over 5 TWh.

Growth in Central Europe
Gas Natural Europe now has more than 2,600 supply points in France, equivalent to a portfolio of 17.3 TWh per year. In addition, the company has some 320 clients in Belgium and Luxembourg, representing a contracted portfolio of 4.9 TWh a year. In 2012 the company began operations in the Netherlands, where it has more than 110 supply points and a portfolio of 1 TWh, and Germany, where it has already secured its first clients.

About Gas Natural Fenosa
Gas Natural Fenosa is a leading group in the energy sector, pioneering in gas and electricity integration. It is currently present in more than 25 countries, where it offers service to more than 20 million customers on the five continents, with 16 GW installed power and a diversified mix of electricity generation.

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