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  • Entrepreneurial spirit boosts LNG as a transport fuel
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Entrepreneurial spirit boosts LNG as a transport fuel
The introduction of LNG (liquefied natural gas) as an alternative, cleaner fuel for road transport, inland waterway transport and coastal shipping is expected to bring an extra 2.7 million euros in economic growth and 8,000 man years between now and 2030, in the Netherlands. It offers the Netherlands opportunities to reinforce its gas hub position and to boost investments and create new jobs. These are the conclusions of a survey that was conducted on the instructions of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, as part of the ‘Rhine and Wadden Green Deal’. The Green Deal involves a partnership between the government and business as well as research and educational institutes, aiming to promote green growth.

One year after the start of the Green Deal, a ‘small scale’ LNG chain is up and running, consisting of new LNG fuelling stations, LNG trucks and vessels that came into operation. The Gate terminal of Vopak and Gasunie is ready to receive, load and unload small LNG carriers, that will transport LNG to the distribution points and bunkering ships. In the past weekend, the first 7,000-ton LNG carrier (Coral Energy) was unloaded. Approximately by the end of the year, it will be possible to load trucks with LNG destined for roadside fuelling stations.

Gasunie participates also in the National LNG Platform. Ulco Vermeulen, Managing Director Business Development and Participations of Gasunie said:

“The progress in the field of small scale LNG that had been demonstrated today is the result of good cooperation. These achievements are encouraging and good news for the Netherlands. It shows that an interesting new market for LNG is now quickly emerging, which is important for all parties involved in LNG business. We are happy that with the adjustments that were recently realized at Gate terminal we are already able to meet early demands of small scale LNG customers right now. The elan of all parties involved shows also the great potential of natural gas in realizing environmental targets. I compliment market parties with the achievements so far: the companies really show entrepreneurial spirit and dedication for innovation by investing substantially in this new business. In this way they boost confidence for all parties involved.”

Gasunie and liquid bulk storage provider Vopak earlier announced their plans for a LNG Break Bulk terminal, to be constructed adjacent to Gate terminal at the Maasvlakte near Rotterdam. The purpose of this terminal is to make LNG available for distribution to marine bunkering and truck fuelling stations. In this way liquefied natural gas (LNG) can be used as a clean alternative transport fuel.

Starting from 2014 (road transport) and 2015 (coastal traffic), the transport sector will be confronted with tightened regulations aimed at substantial emissions reductions. LNG is much cleaner and quieter than other types of fuel, such as diesel and fuel oil. Substantial CO2 emission reduction can furthermore be achieved by the use of Bio-LNG.

About Gasunie
Gasunie is a European gas infrastructure company. We provide the transport of natural gas and green gas in the Netherlands and the Northern part of Germany.

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