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  • Enagas reaches a deal to increase its stake in the GNL Quintero regasification terminal in Chile to 40.4%
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Enagas reaches a deal to increase its stake in the GNL Quintero regasification terminal in Chile to 40.4%
Enagás, through its subsidiary company Enagás Chile, has reached a deal to acquire the total Endesa Chile stake in GNL Quintero, S.A. (20%) for 200 million dollars.

This acquisition, which is subject to possible pre-emptive acquisition rights held by other shareholders, would give Enagás Chile a total stake in the plant of 40.4%.

Once the operation is complete, the GNL Quintero shareholders would be as follows: Terminal de Valparaiso (51% Enagás Chile and 49% Oman Oil Company) 40%, Enagás Chile 20%, ENAP 20% and Metrogas 20%.

The regasification terminal, located in the Bay of Quintero, has been in operation since 2009, and Enagás has been a stakeholder since 2012. It has 3 tanks with overall storage capacity of 334,000 m³, a total emission capacity of 625,000 m³ (n)/h and docking facilities for methane tankers for up to 265,000 m³ of LNG. The terminal is also planning to expand with the construction of a third LNG storage tank with 160,000 m3 capacity and increase its regasification capacity to 833,000 m3 (n)/h.

Commitment to Chile and Latin America

For Enagás, the future development and growth of the GNL Quintero terminal is a priority, as it is a fundamental infrastructure for the security of energy supply in Chile. This deal enables Enagás to consolidate its position and reinforces its long-term commitment to the country.

The company is also present in Mexico and Peru. In Mexico, the company holds a stake in the TLA Altamira regasification terminal, and has set up, as part of the contractor consortium, two strategic infrastructures: the Morelos gas pipeline and the compression station at Soto La Marina.

In Peru, Enagás holds a 25.98% stake in Transportadora de Gas del Perú (TgP) and 30% of Compañía Operadora de Gas del Amazonas (Coga), the company which operates and maintains TgP's transmission system. It is also part of the contractor consortium for the construction of the largest energy infrastructure in Latin America in recent years: Gasoducto Sur Peruano, measuring 1,134 km in length, work on which began in May 2015.

About Enagás

Enagás is an international standard bearer in the development and maintenance of gas infrastructures and in the operation and management of complex gas networks. It is accredited as an independent TSO by the European Union and carries out its activities in eight countries.
Enagas is Spain’s leading natural gas transmission company and Technical Manager of the Spanish gas system. It has around 11,000 Km of gas pipelines, three underground storage facilities in Serrablo (Huesca), Gaviota (Vizcaya) and Yela (Guadalajara) and four regasification plants in Barcelona, Huelva, Cartagena and Gijón. It also owns 50% of the BBG regasification plant in Bilbao, 30% of the regasification plant in Sagunto and 100% of Gascan, a company constructing two regasification plants in the Canary Islands.

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