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  • Cooperation between Gastrade & BEH for LNG Alexandroupolis
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Cooperation between Gastrade & BEH for LNG Alexandroupolis
In the context of the strategic decision of the Government of Bulgaria to participate in the project of the floating LNG terminal in Northern Greece, Alexandroupolis, which was recently announced by the Minister of Energy of the Republic of Bulgaria Ms. T. Petkova, "Bulgarian Energy Holding (BEH)", an entity belonging to the Ministry of Energy of Bulgaria and GASTRADE, promoter of the LNG terminal project, have signed the Terms of Reference (TOR) for the creation of a joint working team that will study and propose to the Council of Ministers of the Government of Bulgaria the optimum way for the implementation of the decision of Bulgaria to participate in the project.

The signed ΤOR include the composition of the joint team, the scope and the boundaries of its work as well as the timeframe for the submission of its proposal to the Government of Bulgaria.

The LNG terminal in Northern Greece, Alexandroupolis, will materially enhance the energy security of Bulgaria offering at the same time the possibility for Bulgaria to differentiate its sources and routes of natural gas supply.

Bulgaria represents the most important part of the project’s supply chain since, through the interconnector Greece-Bulgaria (IGB) and the National Natural Gas Transmission System of Bulgaria, operated by Bulgartransgaz, the access and transmission of natural gas from Alexandroupolis to the markets of the wider South East European such as Serbia, FYROM, Romania and also Ukraine, can be made possible.

About Gastrade

GASTRADE S.A. is a utility company which develops, exploits, operates and manages natural gas systems in a safe, reliable and financially sound manner.
GASTRADE S.A. studies, designs, develops, operates and exploits infrastructures which are necessary for the reception, transmission and distribution of natural gas as well as for its storage, liquefaction and re-gasification.
GASTRADE S.A. is the first enterprise operating in Greece that has received a license for an Independent Natural Gas System from the Ministry of Environment, Energy and Climate Change on 19-8-2011.

About Bulgarian Energy Holding

Bulgarian Energy Holding (BEH) is the holding company for a group of companies which are principally engaged in electricity generation, supply and transmission, natural gas transmission, supply and storage and coal mining. BEH Group holds a leading position in the electricity and gas market in Bulgaria and, through electricity exports, in the Balkans. BEH is wholly owned by the Bulgarian state and is the largest state-owned company in terms of total assets in the country. The rights of ownership of the state are exercised by the Minister of Energy.

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