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  • Cairn in Spain: proposed seismic acquisition
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Cairn in Spain: proposed seismic acquisition
Exploration in the Spanish Mediterranean is not new: There have been 689 wells drilled in Spain between 1960 and 2010. At least 200 of them were located in the Mediterranean and approximately 200,000km of seismic data has been acquired offshore Spain over the last 40 years; 100,000km of which were in the Mediterranean.

The oil and gas industry in Spain is more than 50 years old and Cairn is working in the country at the invitation of the Spanish government.

The company is currently at the very early stages of assessing whether to explore for hydrocarbons. Cairn is proposing 3D seismic acquisition in an area where the perimeters are approximately 50km from Valencia City, 53km from the island of Ibiza and 32km from Columbretes Islands and intends to acquire the data at a time when any impact will be at a minimum; this is likely to be in the winter months.

Seismic surveys are one of the best forms of research. The surveys utilise sound waves to generate 2D or 3D models of the sub-surface, which help to identify geological or rock structures which may contain oil or gas. At sea specially equipped ships tow strings of floating cables which emit sound waves directed at the sea bed and record the reflected sound waves as seismic data.

Cairn fully respects the rights of individuals and organisations to express their views and wherever we work we consult with the local communities to understand any concerns they have and ensure we develop plans which take such concerns into consideration. In Spain we have already engaged with local communities including a number of non-governmental organisations around our plans to acquire seismic data, and are committed to responding to any concerns that are raised. As a responsible operator, environmental management and protection is our top priority.

Through its operations globally, Cairn has demonstrated the ability to develop and manage complex exploration and drilling projects successfully, while aiming to set the highest possible standards in terms of environmental and safety records. At all times Cairn adheres to industry guidelines and the requirements of national and international environmental laws. In keeping with industry best practice, Cairn is committed to avoiding work in World Heritage Sites.

As each country and local area presents unique biodiversity and environmental challenges, prior to operations beginning in any area and before every stage in the oil and gas exploration lifecycle, we undertake a thorough environmental impact assessment process.

Cairn works with independent environmental experts to implement an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) which identifies and mitigates against any environmental impact in a particular area and guides our activity in the area. As part of the EIA Cairn meets with local stakeholders and communities to understand, and respond to any concerns they might have and to mitigate any impacts where possible.
The EIA is a valuable resource which guides our activities to ensure that potential impacts are identified, evaluated and subsequently avoided and or minimised and to enable the regulatory authorities to make a decision.

About Cairn

Cairn is one of Europe's leading independent oil and gas exploration and development companies. Cairn has its headquarters in Edinburgh (Scotland) and operational offices in London (UK), Nuuk (Greenland), Stavanger (Norway) and Madrid (Spain).

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