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  • BP ULTIMATE disponible en France
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BP ULTIMATE disponible en France
BP France is introducing a new generation of motor fuels throughout its service station network which are specially designed to deliver improved performance and a significant reduction in harmful emissions compared to regular fuels with all types of vehicles.

BP Ultimate consists of two motor fuels which are new to the French market : BP Ultimate Unleaded 98 and BP Ultimate Diesel, and which together go to make up a premium offer aimed at the vast majority of motorists, road transport and professional drivers.

BP Ultimate fuels are the result of an 18-month research and development programme, backed up by comprehensive consumer surveys, and are formulated to meet motorists’ three basic expectations - better performance, lower consumption and less pollution - hitherto considered incompatible.

The exceptional properties of BP Ultimate fuels stem first of all from their cleaning power, which is twice that of regular fuels. This keeps new engines clean and cleans up dirty ones, and reduces engine wear. Improved combustion releases energy more efficiently, generating more power and reducing fuel consumption.

BP Ultimate Unleaded 98 and BP Ultimate Diesel keep engines cleaner while enhancing performance by comparison with standard fuels.

In addition, using BP Ultimate cuts exhaust pollution significantly : carbon monoxide (CO), oxides of nitrogen (Nox), unburnt hydrocarbons (HC) and black smoke are reduced, thus helping to improve air quality and limit emissions of greenhouse gases.

“With BP Ultimate, motorists will for the first time have a real choice on differentiated fuel quality, between a standard fuel and a premium fuel” says Catherine Rieffel, BP’s retail network director in France.

BP Ultimate also promotes fuel economy, thereby helping to achieve the French Government’s aim of further reducing the country’s consumption of motor fuels.

“BP has decided to take the lead with innovative fuels that fit with customers needs” says Patrick Haas, President of BP France”. “BP Ultimate is yet another example of BP’s commitment to its brand values : performance, innovation, progressive and green”.

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BP Ultimate Unleaded 98 and BP Ultimate Diesel went on sale on the French market in mid-November and will very soon be available at BP France’s 500 service stations nation-wide. BP Ultimate Unleaded 98 will replace the current BP Unleaded 98 and BP Ultimate Diesel will be on sale alongside regular BP Diesel.

BP Ultimate Diesel is the first premium diesel to be offered to French consumers alongside a regular diesel. In addition to its exceptional cleaning power, BP Ultimate Diesel with its higher cetane number (55 compared with 51 for regular diesel fuels) gives a smoother drive, better acceleration and up to 10% more power.

BP Ultimate Diesel also significantly reduces harmful emissions : NOx by an average of 4.5%, CO or carbon monoxide by an average of 7.6% (urban cycle), unburnt hydrocarbons by an average of 36.3% and black smoke by up to 30%.

In addition, BP Ultimate Diesel cuts noise output by 15% on average.

BP Ultimate Unleaded 98 also enables substantial reductions in exhaust emisions : carbon monoxide (-11.6% on average), NOx (3,3 % on average), unburnt hydrocarbons (-6.6% on average) and CO2 (-2.8% on average) compared with regular Eurograde unleaded gasoline. BP Ultimate Unleaded 98 also gives up to 14.7% more engine power.

In terms of consumption, comparative tests have demonstrated that BP Ultimate Unleaded 98 gives fuel economy of up to 3% compared with regular Eurograde 95 gasoline.

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