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Al Sharara Field and fuel supplies return to normal after temporary interruption
National Oil Corporation confirms that all pipelines that transport fuel from Ez-Zawia Storage to Tripoli as well as the pipeline that transports crude oil from Al Sharara Field have resumed their operations as normal after few hours of interruption.

It is worth mentioning that a group of armed protesters blocked the pipeline No. 16, which is used for transporting aviation fuel and gasoline from Ez-Zawia Refinery Storage to Tripoli Storage. In addition, they broke into the Control Room of Al Sharara Field pipeline in Ez-Zawia and ordered the operators to stop pumping the fuel. However, the operators managed to deal with the situation and reduced the production gradually.

For its part, NOC coordinated with Brega Petroleum Marketing Company to activate the emergency plan in order to supply the Great Tripoli District with fuel by sea to compensate for the missing quantity.

The President of the Presidency Council Mr. Faiz Saraj was also informed of the developments of the incident and the emergency plan to secure hydrocarbons to Great Tripoli and NOC's position that rejects extortion and inserting NOC in irrelevant issues. For his part, Mr. Saraj confirmed his full support for NOC's position and its efforts to secure hydrocarbons to Great Tripoli District.

There were also many communications with a group of social civil components of Ez-Zawia City to explain the negative impacts that will result from such acts on Libya in general, and Ez-Zawia City in particular. NOC identified the procedures that it will take against such acts.

At 2:00 a. m on Monday 7 August 2017, the pipeline No. 16 was opened and fuel pumping from Ez-Zawia to Tripoli was resumed. The Control Room was evacuated from the armed protesters and the fuel pumping returned to its normal levels. The production resumption is ongoing as well.

For his part, Eng. Mustafa Sanalla, NOC Chairman, said, "Injustice and personal claims cannot be solved by hurting the whole people and using the blockade tactics is a rejected negotiating technique". He added, "The Libyan people are under acute economic and living crises and our country is going through miserable humanitarian conditions, so we all must be aware of this position and work together with consciousness and patriotism to save our country."

About National Oil Corporation

The National Oil Corporation (NOC) was established on 12 November 1970 , under Law No: 24/1970, replacing the general Libyan Petroleum Corporation which established under Law No. 13 of 1968 to assume the responsibility of the oil sector operations . It was later reorganized under decision No :10/1979 by the General Secretariat of the General People's Congress, to undertake the realization of the objectives of the development plan in the areas of petroleum , supporting the national economy through increasing , developing and exploiting the oil reserves and operating and investing in those reserves , to realize optimum returns. In carrying out its activities, NOC may enter into participation agreements with other companies and corporations carrying out similar activities.

Origine : Communiqué National Oil Corporation

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